Self Storage in Pocatello Business Park - Storage Unit Sizes

Published on 5/7/2024
Self Storage in Pocatello

Explore Self Storage Options at Pocatello Business Park

Are you in need of extra space to store your belongings in Pocatello, Idaho? Look no further than Pocatello Self Storage Unit Business Park, where we offer a wide range of self-storage unit sizes to accommodate your needs.

Variety of Pocatello Self-Storage Unit Sizes

Here's a breakdown of the various self-storage unit sizes available at Pocatello Business Park:

Mini Self Storage: Building E 6x10 (6 x 10)

Ideal for storing small furniture items, boxes, and seasonal decorations Mini self storage.

One-Bedroom Apartment Storage: Building E 10x10 (10 x 10)

Provides ample space for the contents of a one-bedroom apartment or office supplies.

Larger Furniture and Extra Boxes: Building E 12x10 (12 x 10)

Offers extra room for larger furniture pieces or additional boxes.

Standard One-Car Garage: Building E 10x20 (10 x 20)

Comparable to a standard one-car garage, suitable for storing the contents of a small house or office inventory.

Spacious Household Storage: Building C 12x20 (12 x 20)

Provides spacious storage for larger households or business inventory.

Large Residential or Business Storage: Building A 12x30 (12 x 30)

Ideal for storing the contents of a three-bedroom house or equipment for a small business.

Large Residential or Business Storage: Building C 12x30 (12 x 30)

Offers ample space for larger items or additional storage needs.

Extra Large Storage Options: Building A 12x32 (12 x 32)

Provides extra room for oversized furniture or equipment.

Expansive Business Spaces: 1100 sf Shops (36 x 30)

Suitable for businesses requiring larger storage spaces or workshops.

Commercial or Industrial Use: Building D (40x40) (40 x 40)

Offers expansive storage options for commercial or industrial use.

Vast Storage Space: Building D (35x70) (35 x 70)

Provides vast storage space for large-scale operations or inventory.

Unique Storage Needs: Building D (70x40) (70 x 40)

Ideal for businesses with unique storage needs or oversized equipment.

Largest Storage Capacity: Building D (70x70) (70 x 70)

Offers the largest storage capacity for businesses with extensive inventory or equipment.

Secure and Convenient Self-Storage Solutions

No matter your storage needs, Pocatello Business Park has the perfect solution for you. Our secure facilities and convenient location make us the top choice for self-storage in Pocatello Id.

Reserve Your Storage Unit Today

With a wide range of sizes available, Self Storage Unit Pocatello Business Park offers the perfect storage unit solution for individuals and businesses alike. Contact us today to learn more about our self-storage options and reserve your unit.